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From the first time I visited Eileen Murty’s piano studio with my 5 year old daughter, Joni, I was amazed with the Progressive Series for the study of the piano that Eileen uses.  I came from a musical family and was aware of many various piano methods available for teaching students.  The Progressive Series was, and still is, the most comprehensive piano series I have ever seen.  I had studied piano as a child and never heard of such a wonderful teaching tool.


Our daughter progressed very rapidly and took until she was 17 years and at an advanced piano level.  I attribute this to the abilities and expertise of Mrs. Murty and her many successful years of experience teaching the piano.


I was impressed with my young daughter’s progress under Mrs. Murty’s guidance and use of the Progressive Series.  I was so impressed that I decided to try to improve my technique and overall playing ability by taking lessons.  I am pleased that I took the time to reeducate myself with the piano.  It has been worth the time, effort and money.


I greatly improved both my technique and ability, and can understand more of what the composer had in mind with interpretation of many compositions.


Mrs. Murty knows exactly how to teach to the abilities of each of her students.  She works with each individual to help bring out their best.

I started taking piano lessons from Eileen Murty at 8 years old and fell in love with the world of music soon after. Almost 18 years later, I still continue my musical studies and cannot imagine my life without the piano. Through this musical education, Mrs. Murty has instilled in me a lifelong love and appreciation of music. For this I am forever grateful.


I am continually impressed with the Progressive Series for piano. Using this tool, Mrs. Murty has given me a rock solid foundation, sound technique, and has turned me into an accomplished pianist. The Progressive Series challenged me and ensured that what I learned, I learned well. Mrs. Murty has been the only piano teacher I have ever had, which in itself attests to her competence and vast knowledge of her profession. Over the past 18 years, she has passed on her love of the piano to me. This passion for music has been greatly inspiring to me as her student.


Thanks to Mrs. Murty, not only can I say I play the piano, but I play with deep understanding.  Mrs. Murty has in fact taught me how to actually "hear in color."

I began studying the piano with Mrs. Murty in 1984 as a teenager in high school.  Several years previously, I had taken piano lessons from another teacher.  After a five year lapse in time from taking lessons, I was introduced to Mrs. Murty through a family friend.  Mrs. Murty skillfully helped me to regain technical ability and rediscover talent which surpassed my personal expectations of what I thought could be achieved.   Under her direction and guidance I was able to bring home on two separate occasions, awards when participating in high school talent shows.  During my teenage years and later as an adult, I found Eileen to be profoundly effective  in her ability to help me to grasp the varying technical aspects and nuances required of each of the compositions and studies.


Within a pleasant setting, Eileen communicates her knowledge in a way that helps me "get it."  With the Progressive Series method in conjunction with an extremely competent piano instructor, I feel equipped to explore piano music I never dreamed could be possible for me.  Music training through the Progressive Series has enabled me to play a wide range of musical compositions and studies from original works of the masters, as well as contemporary composers.  There is such a wide variety of choices when it comes to methods out there for piano instruction.  I am so grateful to Eileen for having introduced me to the Progressive Series method.  I strongly feel through my experiences with other methods, that the Progressive Series by far ranks at the very top of them all, for it's concise and thorough approach to the art and study of piano instruction that is available today.


In 2004, I married and moved out of state.  After four years away my family moved back to Houston.  In 2010 I again resumed my piano study with Mrs. Murty.  In 2012 Eileen told me that she would be relocating to Colorado.  The news was very disturbing to me and the thought of no longer being able to continue lessons with Eileen, completely unacceptable.  After some discussion, I am happy to report that I am continuing my lessons with Eileen via Face-time, and very pleased to say that Face-time is working very well, and my advancement continues.

“My two children (ages 13 and 9) have been studying with Eileen Murty for five years.  Eileen brings both passion and discipline to the study of piano with a focus on proper technique, theory, and the creative interpretation of music.  She has created a customized progressive series program that is really one-of-a-kind and has been the key to my children’s progress.  Prior to studying with Eileen, my oldest child spent two years with other teachers and did not achieve the progress he made with Eileen in the same span of time.  Both of my children have advanced wonderfully over five years, and more importantly, genuinely enjoy playing.”

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