Studio Policies and Information




• My studio is in my home.

• I have no pets, therefore there should be no pet allergy concerns.




• Rates - $50 per hour.

• Tuition is payable monthly and is due on the first lesson of each month.

• Murty’s piano studio accepts checks or cash for payment.

• Sorry, no credit cards.

• There is a $25 service charge for any returned checks.




• If you are unable to attend a lesson, I require at least 24 hour notice or you must forfeit the lesson with no refund.


• The only exceptions are cases of sudden illness or dangerous weather conditions.


• No makeup lessons will be assigned unless the student has been absent from school due to illness or hazardous weather conditions.


• A student’s lesson time is buying an hour of your teacher’s time.  Therefore that hour cannot easily be reassigned to another student.  Unless the student becomes suddenly ill or dangerous weather is in effect, students are required to attend the scheduled lesson time.


• If a student chooses to do any other activity the day and time of their scheduled lesson, that lesson time will be forfeited and no refund or makeup lesson will be given.


• I will reschedule lessons for excused absences according to the times I have available.  I cannot guarantee the new lesson time will be as convenient as the original scheduled time.


• One makeup lesson will be rescheduled for an excused absence.  If for some reason the rescheduled time is missed no second makeup lesson will be scheduled, unless weather caused the absence.


• If you are traveling during major holidays, i.e. winter break, spring break, makeup times will be available to each student.  No refunds or credits will be offered for lessons missed during these holidays.


• I recommend that students continue piano lessons through the summer.  I make a different schedule for the summer months with many daytime lessons available.  In the summer students will not be charged for any lessons while at summer camp or while vacationing with the family.  My summer schedule is much more flexible than during the regular school year.


• If the teacher must cancel a lesson for any reason you will be offered a makeup lesson at a mutually convenient time.





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