Progressive Series Piano and Theory Method


• All music included in the progressive series library has been grouped into categories known as outlines for piano instruction.  Each outline roughly corresponds to various grade levels of other teaching methods.  Each outline is planned to provide maximum technical development and progress for the piano student.  The outlines begin at a Pre-K level, advancing over time into advanced levels where musicians are ready for entrance into college music programs and beyond.


• The major advantage for students using the music theory provided in the program is rapid advancement in theory concepts and fast keyboard improvement.  The theory will help improve any student at any level of their piano study.


• The early start student could begin with the progressive series outline or, if not ready for that program, begin in another series such as “Books for Little Mozart's.”  When the very young  student advances to a certain point, I  am able to place them into a Progressive Series outline.  I typically accept female students as early as 3½ years old and male students as early as 4 years old.  I will sometimes make an exception as I am very much aware that each child has different and various capabilities.  I have thoroughly researched and have had fantastic results with very young students. It is truly amazing the fast progress these very young ones often make.


• Students that have studied under another program or teacher will demonstrate their level of ability and be placed into the Progressive Series outline that matches their current level.


• I welcome all adult students; those that have had prior piano study and those who want to study as a beginning piano student.  I have had great success with adult students who decide to study the piano.  Adult students are usually highly motivated, learn rapidly and make great progress in their study of the piano.  Those that have taken piano in the past are able to greatly improve their technique and keyboard ability.

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