About Eileen Murty


I grew up in a musical household.  All I can remember from a very young age is some form of music in our home.  My first memories are that of many different piano students coming and going from our house.  My mother was a respected piano teacher and a respected member of the Houston music community.  She was a graduate of the  St. Louis Conservatory of Music and taught successfully the Progressive Series for Piano for more than 50 years.


As a consequence of all the music around me, I began informal piano lessons at the age of 3.  At 5 years old my mother made the decision to begin my formal lessons.  She wanted me to study the Progressive Series method but there were no Progressive Series teachers living close by, so my mother began the task of teaching her own child.


I progressed very rapidly in my piano studies.  As an example, at the age of 12, when I was in middle school, I was invited to do the piano accompaniment for the mixed choir at school.  Accompanying for a choir was a nice accomplishment for a girl that age.


As a result of my middle school musical activities, I began high school with a good reputation for piano accompaniment.  I was quickly invited to play for all the school choirs, school musicals, talent shows and even school graduations.  These experiences gave me self-confidence and made me feel comfortable in my choice of music for a career path.


I chose St. Louis Conservatory of Music to complete my formal music education.  This conservatory prepared me for my life in music, for performing and teaching in the real world.  I was well prepared for the professional piano work I did after my graduation.  My studies at the conservatory taught and assisted me through extensive keyboard work and technique, music interpretation, performance, theory, keyboard harmony, ear training, and a knowledge and appreciation of music history.  The St. Louis Conservatory of music was dedicated strictly to the study of the piano and to the art of teaching the piano 100%, so there were no other distractions. This particular conservatory was known for its very high standard of excellence that was not only expected but demanded of each and every piano student who was privileged to qualify to attend this particular music conservatory.


I have been teaching piano for over 40 years and have been happy to share my knowledge and expertise with my students over the years.



• Graduate from St. Louis Conservatory of Music

• Certified for Progressive Series for Piano

• Pi Mu Music Honor Society

• Past member of the Houston Music Teachers Association


Professional Work:

• 1970’s – Present, private piano teacher, lessons, recitals, etc.

• 1990’s – 2000’s, private solo performances of classical music

• 1980’s – 1990’s, pianist at Houston area restaurants and clubs


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